Ronnie Nader Bello

Ronnie Nader Bello

Ronnie Nader Bello was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador July 10 1967. at the age of 13 started studies of nuclear physics on its own and within three years won first prize in the physics category of the first  national scholastic contest, capturing first prize again the following year. In 1984 commenced studies in astrophysics, graduating first in his high school class of 1986. In 1987 starts pioneering research in artificial intelligence in Ecuador, He graduated with an MS in systems engineering MCL in 1994 from the Universidad Catolica Santiago de Guayaquil, where he was the director of the campus computer lab until 1995, the same year he started his specialization in Cybernetics in the PCP Project, also in 1995, began research in Astrobiology.

Completed the TERC astrobiology teaching certification course in 2004, In 2006 started the development of the ‘Ecuador al Espacio’ Project, (Project ESAA) a privately funded astronautics initiative, aimed to start the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Program, the first civilian, non-governmental space program in history aimed to explore and help the development of the suborbital space, with the main emphasis in taking scientific experiments made by educational institutions at no cost for them, in order to help raise interest in science and to awake consciousness of the benefits for Ecuador in exploiting the suborbital and GEO resource.

In 2007 the project is recognized by the General Command of the Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE) as the first Ecuadorian initiative in astronautics in the history of the country and he as the first Ecuadorian astronaut candidate.

On June 8 2007 Ronnie Nader becomes officially the first Ecuadorian astronaut in history when completed the ASA/T (Advanced Suborbital Astronaut /Trained) training program designed on the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center on Moscow, Russia.