Social Impact at Space for Humanity

As a part of the Ambassadorship Experience, alumni of the Citizen Space Program will be empowered to lead and manage a social impact venture aligned with one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations.

Space for Humanity (S4H) is developing a technology platform to incubate and accelerate ventures aligned with the SDGs. S4H will utilize data-driven venture tracking to validate impact alongside the the primary indicators outlined by the United Nations Statistics Division.

The breakdown below outlines the domains of expertise our Citizen Astronaut Applicants bring to their venture.

learn more about sustainable development goal indicators


Ventures in this group of goals will support local and global community building.

Space for Humanity is investing in communities through social impact ambassadorship. Citizen astronauts, impact advocates, and members of Mission Control can participate in activities and events led by Space for Humanity.


Ventures in this group of goals will support economic development.

The Space for Humanity network is developing an international network of organizations supporting innovative and meaningful development.


Ventures in this group of goals will support the health and well-being of our home planet, Earth.

As stewards of Planet Earth, Space for Humanity is dedicated to protecting and preserving our fragile environment.

By contributing our time and energy to collaboration on the Sustainable Development Goals, we can ensure a safe and habitable planet for generations to come.

Ready to get involved?

Space for Humanity is looking for passionate advocates interested in the engagement and application of the Sustainable Development Goals within for-profit and non-profit organizations. By registering as an impact advocate, you can stay up informed all of the latest SDG-related activities and events in your region.