Sangeet Kaur Sood to Join Space for Humanity Board of Directors


DENVER - Space for Humanity is delighted to welcome Sangeet Kaur Sood to the Board of Directors. 

Sangeet brings a diverse background to the Space for Humanity Board. Sangeet is experienced in capital markets, with a deep public relations background as well. She founded Osaka Capital Corp., a Toronto-based financial communications firm. She was a partner at San Francisco-based Parachute Marketing, where she led the Canadian team servicing the technology sector. 

At the same time, Sangeet is a space enthusiast and meditator. It has been these explorations that have led her to see the importance of Space for Humanity’s mission, and how it will serve to impact our planet.

“I am thrilled to welcome Sangeet to the Board of Directors,” notes Rachel Lyons, Executive Director. “As many have said, we cannot address the problems that we’ve created from the same context in which we have created them. Sangeet has worked passionately to forward the expanded worldview we need. It is an absolute honor to have her on the board.”

"I am ignited by Space for Humanity’s audacious vision.  Opening access to space for global citizens will allow many to experience a transformative perspective of our shared planet,” states Sood. “We will witness an expansion of human consciousness with an in-depth perspective, beyond borders, to solve complex global issues. It is an honor to join the Board of Directors of Space for Humanity and I look forward to my continued work with this important organization." 


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