Space for Humanity Welcomes Jill Tarter to the Board of Advisors


DENVER - Space for Humanity has announced that Jill Tarter has joined the Board of Advisors. A pioneer of the space sector, Jill has spent the majority of her career attempting to answer the human question, “Are we alone?” by searching for evidence of technological civilizations beyond Earth with the SETI Institute (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence).

“I believe the search for technological civilizations beyond Earth (SETI) can hold up a mirror to all people on our planet, a mirror that shows us we are all the same when compared with others who may have evolved elsewhere,” remarks Tarter. “We are all Earthlings. Trivializing the perceived differences among humans is what Space for Humanity can do as well, by providing the 'overview effect' to people from across the planet. Ultimately, we need to find ways for all of us to see ourselves in a much larger context if we are to achieve solutions to our global challenges.”

“We’re thrilled to have Jill on board,” remarks Rachel Lyons, Executive Director of Space for Humanity. “The mission of bringing a planetary awareness to the masses is crucial and urgent. And it is something that Jill, the SETI Institute and Space for Humanity share.”

When Jill went to university, she was one of 300 students in her engineering school -- and the only female. During her PhD thesis at the University of California, Berkeley, she coined the term “brown dwarf”-- referring to objects between a mass of the heaviest gas giant planets and the lightest stars in the universe. Jill has been recognized by Time 100 Most Influential People in the World (2004), and one of the Time Magazine’s Top 25 Influential People in Space (2012), amongst a number of other awards.

Jill’s work with SETI is more than simply a search for life elsewhere. It has important implications for our planet. On October 20, 2006, Tarter noted on the Point of Inquiry podcast, “Humans will have a different view about being human when we know the answer to the ‘Are we alone?’ question.”


About Space for Humanity

Space for Humanity is a non-profit organization, founded in 2017, which aims to democratize access to space. Space for Humanity’s commitment is to help 10,000 global citizens experience the Overview Effect: the cognitive shift in awareness which happens when astronauts see our Earth from space.

The crews selected for missions will be both diverse and uniquely qualified to share their experiences with their broader communities and the world. Space for Humanity believes that through group experience and a diverse selection process, this can help many more people understand the positive value of space exploration and why we must look after Spaceship Earth.

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