Bella Miranda

Bella Miranda

Bella Miranda is an Executive Consultant, Executive Strategic Planning Coach and Life Coach to a wide array of influential people in Fortune 100 Companies, CEO's, Entertainment and Professional sports industries. She is a captivating public speaker and author of her upcoming self-help book based on her training philosophies and success.

Bella is of the firm belief that "to know the future, you must examine the past."  Her extensive travels to over 30 countries have given her a sense of cultural diversity and perspective that offers further dimension to the guidance she provides her clients. Already armed with this worldly experience, Bella is primed to venture even further into the universe in her quest for knowledge and insight. Because of this, she is passionate about the human exploration of outer space through spaceflight.

Bella’s mother was one of the first female vice presidents of Lockheed Martin and, in addition to being honored with numerous awards (including a Lifetime Achievement Award), Bella has always considered her an empowering businesswoman and a great friend. Bella’s mantra, "Find Your Truth. Find Your Path. Find Your Destiny,” weaves its way through the inward and outward pursuit of her future goals. This mantra is paramount to her own personal success and that of the clients she advises, and she will continue to explore it in her expeditions to outer space.

Bella holds a certification in Micro Expression from the Emotional Intelligence Academy and is a Robbins-Madanes (Tony Robbins and his mentor Cloe Madanes) Life Coach. She is also trained in Body Language Surveillance and is in the process of acquiring her certification in Positive Psychology.

In 2018, she will complete a certification in Innovation & Strategy from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education and another in Applying Psychology in the Workplace from the Cambridge Institution of Continuing Education. That same year, she will also complete Cosmonaut Training to help provide an insight to the future of space travel.

As an affiliate of the National Speakers Association, Bella has participated in the Virgin Unite Leadership Gatherings and is a member of the Disruptors Group. She is also an Association of Spaceflight Professionals (ASP) sponsor and sits on the Patrons Board for Commercial Spaceflight Federation.

Bella engages in numerous charitable and philanthropic endeavors and charity events to stop animal poaching. Whatever time that remains in her busy schedule is devoted to nonprofit organizations focusing on families affected by cancer, helping children, environmental advocacy, planet protection and the Mars Movement.

In addition to being a certified yoga instructor, Bella is a student of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), biofeedback and Eastern meditative practices. She is also trained in jujitsu, krav maga and singing.

Bella currently resides in Texas and California